About Us

We are located on Bishy Road in the vibrant City of York. We opened Noun in June 2019 after independently running our own shops, only 90 steps away from one another. After successfully running both shops for five years, a growing friendship, endless conversations and copious amounts of coffee we realised that we both shared a vision of what could be achieved if we came together. Then the idea of Noun was born.

Our vision for Noun is to feature a premium collection of Homewares to fashion items, inclusive to all, focussing on the idea of giving. With a range of distinctive brands, from around the world. We also stock brands from like minded fellow independent businesses which offers customers a fun and unique shopping experience.

Helping our customers share those special moments is important to us, so we have selected an extensive range of greeting cards that are everything from contemporary, funny and traditional

We are so proud of Noun and as we often say we are Better Together!

If you visit York be sure to come and find us, we would love to meet you!